As no two people are alike, Equity Prime offer a variety of government, conventional and niche loan programs to meet your mortgage needs. Click on the links below to learn more about our mortgage products.

Purchasing a Home? Equity has a product for you!

Reverse Mortgages

  • For borrowers atleast 62 years old – can be used for purchase or refinance
  • Funds can be received in a lump sum, set monthly amount or a combination of both
  • Must have equity in your residence
  • You do not need to make monthly mortgage payments on this type of loan. However, you are still responsible for paying your property taxes, homeowner’s insurance, homeowner’s fees (as appropriate) and maintaining the property according to HUD guidelines.
  • Use a Reverse mortgage to purchase another home or property, excluding down payment, use the equity in your current residence to purchase another.
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Home Equity Prime

  • We offer stand alone 2nd mortgages for home improvements or in connection with a first mortgage to purchase a home.

Jumbo Mortgages

  • We offer Jumbo loans of up to $5,000,000 with competitive rates
  • We offer FHA Jumbo loans in High Cost areas with a down payment of just 3.5%
  • Super conforming loans- above GSE limit in designated areas

Conventional Loans

  • Equity Prime, LLC is a Fannie Mae direct seller/servicer. Conventional loans are available to borrower that meet guidelines set by Fannie Mae & FreddieMac. Fixed and adjustable rate mortgages are available under this product for the following purposes
    • Purchase Loans up to 95% Loan to value
    • Rate & Term refinance loans up to 90% Loan to value
    • Cash out loan up to 80% Loan to value
    • Investment properties up to 75% loan to value

VA Loans

  • Equity Prime, LLC is direct lender on VA Loans. If you are Veteran, Reservist or Active duty you can qualify for a VA loan. Listed below are the VA loan programs
    • Purchase loans up to 100% loan to value
    • Cash out loans up to 100% Loan to value
    • VA IRRRL – Non income qualifying refinance
    • VA High Balance loan up to $625,500.00

FHA Loans

  • Equity Prime, LLC is a FHA full Eagle Lender. This allows is to underwrite government loans in house. It is designed for low ? to ? moderate income borrowers with flexible underwriting requirements. Listed below are FHA loan programs
    • Purchase loans up to 96.50% Loan to value
    • 620 Min score requirement
    • Gift funds allowed for down payment
    • Seller can pay closing costs
    • 203K ? Rehabilitation Loans
    • FHA ? Streamline Refinance (non- income qualifying)
    • FHA ? High balance loan up to $729,750.00

USDA Rural Home Loans

  • 100% Financing ? Loan can be based on Appraised Value vs. Sales Price
  • Closing costs can be rolled into the loan

First Time Home Buyer Loans

  • 97% Conventional loans
  • Fannie Mae HomePath ? 3% down payment with no appraisal and no mortgage insurance

Down Payment Assistance

  • Georgia Dream ? provides $5,000 down payment assistance, with a minimum contribution of $1,000
  • Protectors, Educators, & Nurses ? this is a program administered through Georgia Dream that provides up to $7500 in down payment assistance
  • Gwinnett County Homestretch ? provides up to $7500 in down payment assistance
  • Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP) is County and State specific

If you are looking for a lower payment or lower interest rate, Equity has many options available!

Refinancing Options

  • Conventional – Lower your payment or pull cash out for home improvements
  • FHA Streamline – Allows you to refinance your current FHA loan with no income documentation
  • DU Refi Plus /Freddie Mac Relief – Refinance your current Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac loan with no appraisal
  • FHA Jumbo- Refinance your high mortgage balances in high cost areas.
  • VA Interest Rate Reduction Loan- Refinance your current VA loan with no income documentation