Kendra Hammell
Kendra Hammell

Kendra Hammell has been a Processor for Equity Prime Mortgage since September 2014.

Kendra began her journey in the Real Estate Industry in 2000 as a receptionist for Commonwealth Land Title Insurance company in Absecon, New Jersey. She was moved into processing position in 2001 and the company merged with Land America, at which time she was transferred down to Florida. After a speedy relocation, Kendra was processing and conducting settlements all over southern Florida. She received priceless experience in Florida with Contracts of sale and decided to expand into Real Estate. A move back to New Jersey found her working towards that goal, and obtaining both a Real Estate License and a New Jersey Title Insurance Producers License. Kendra’s passion for helping people find the homes of their dreams led to her joining the Equity Team. She enjoys being the middle man and still playing a role in getting clients into their homes or helping them refinance! She also enjoys assisting all the other parties involved to satisfy clients and make the process of purchasing a home as stress-free as possible.

Originally from Scranton/Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, Kendra now lives in Mullica Township, New Jersey with her husband Clint and her daughter Khloe. In her spare time, Kendra spends her time at the beach where fishing and camping are her favorite activities, planting trees as a member of the Arbor Day Foundation, and acting as a supporting member of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Kendra also assists CCD teachers at The Church of the Assumption in Galloway, New Jersey.

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