Elizabeth B.

October 2015

“Leaps & bounds above other experience!”

Loan Officer: Mike Carvajal

Dahlia B.

October 2015

“I was satisfied.  You are very efficient, polite and helpful – always available”

Loan Officer: Mike Carvajal

Mark M & Jennifer K.

October 2015

“[Real Estate Agent] Laura Leary referred us and we chose you based on our confidence after meeting & speaking to Lori.  Not only is she very professional, she is also a pleasure to work with – approachable & easy to talk to! Thank you again for everything! ”

Loan Officer: Lori Distelcamp

Albert A.

October 2015

“You guys are second to none.”

Loan Officer: Stephen Carpitella & Evan Beach

Kevin P.

October 2015

“Everything went smooth.  Anytime I needed to get in contact with Tony or Marcella it was very easy so I guess your personal attention is what I liked best.”

“Tony and Marcella were both a pleasure throughout the entire process.  They did everything they could to minimize my stress.”

Loan Officer: Tony Calandra

Yunfan Z.

October 2015

“Our loan officers ability to answer all of our questions in a timely fashion and her continued help post closing was very helpful & much appreciated”

Loan Officer: Sue Paerels

Andrea D.

September 2015

“I had the best experience at Equity Prime Mortgage! Everybody I spoke to and did business with, especially Demetri Charitos, was great. Everyone went out of their way to help me and make sure my needs were met and I was happy. They were honest, efficient, and professional. I am so excited about my new home! Thank you so much Equity Prime Mortgage! I would, without a doubt, recommend this mortgage company to others!”

Loan Officer: Demetri Charitos
Processor: Kristy Lubinski

Gary L.

September 2015

“Great Service all around. It was a pleasure to deal with Equity Prime and will gladly recommend them to anyone I know in need of your services.”

Loan Officer: Stephen Carpitella
Processor: Alexandra Troiano

Coletta M.

September 2015

“Demitri and his team we’re so delightful. They made me feel comfortable. I knew I had nothing to worry about.”

Loan Officer: Demetri Charitos
Processor: Kendra Hammell

Nathan D.

August 2015

“I cannot begin to say enough good things about Eric DeMatteis. We were under the gun with receiving federal SHAP money, and the work he did was absolutely phenomenal. Far above any normal process. Far above a reasonable amount of paperwork on our behalf. And the man did an incredible job! You must increase his pay somehow because he makes your office look good. Damn good! If you’d like to know more about how well he did, I would be happy to talk about it on the phone. But if not for Eric, I would not have awakened in my new home: I believe that 100%.”

Loan Officer: Eric DeMatteis
Processor: Kristy Lubinksi