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2/4/2014 – Mortgage rates hit three month lows as stocks dip

One upside to the downturn in the U.S. stock market is a sharp drop in mortgage rates.

Those rates follow the yield on the 10-year Treasury bond and on pricing in agency

mortgage-backed securities; as investors rush to the comparative safety of the bond

market, yields fall and so do rates.


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MBS Week Ahead: Jobs Report Friday More Important Than Normal

It’s an interesting time for bond markets where the recent momentum is in between definitions.

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Rule Changes Tighten Reverse Mortgage Eligibility

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Home Equity Prime Mark Exception to Easing Credit Standards

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January Is The Month Of New Beginnings, Part 2

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January Is The Month Of New Beginnings, Part 1

My, how they have been busy. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has an entire wagonload

of regulations going into effect in January. If you are a mortgage lender, this has been hard to miss.

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Mortgage Applications Continue Higher as Rates Retreat to 2014 Lows

The volume of mortgage applications increased again during the week ended January 17.

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Home Remodeling Spending will be Strong into 2014

The strong growth in the home remodeling market which began in the second quarter of

2013 will continue through the first half of 2014

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01/16/2014 – Foreclosures Fall to Lowest Since

Foreclosure filings fell last month, capping a year in which the number of homes in the repossession

process dropped to the lowest level since 2007 amid rebounding U.S. property prices.

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Mortgage Applications Bounce Back

After just barely moving off 12 year lows in the previous week, Mortgage Applications?bounced back

in the first full week after the holiday season

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