testimonial-review“I have been brokering loans for about 8 years now. I recently decided it was the best thing for to moving into lending. I was looking for a branch opportunity and I stumbled across Equity Prime. After speaking with the people there I immediately felt like this was a place I could see myself working. The package they have is very fair and competitive from the research I did. Not only are they fair up top but it rolls all the way down from the underwriters to the branch coordinator and even the receptionist. Everyone is extremely supportive of the branch and we all work great as a team. They will work with you to get your loans closed as opposed to finding reasons not to. The support staff is nothing like I have ever seen before. Everyone has one goal in mind and that is to close loans! I am very happy I decided to go with Equity and I would encourage anyone looking should take them into serious consideration. We did very well to close out 2010 and we are looking forward to an even better 2011!!!”

Eric Sinar | Equity Prime, LLC of MD

“I was a mortgage banker for years with several hundreds of employees. I was always worried about compliance and that seemed to be my main focus . I decided to look for a company that would enable me to make more money in a legal compliant way, but offered me the ability to have the freedom to service my clients in a multitude of states with competitive products and pricing. I was looking for a company that encompassed sensible underwriting that had the technology to back it up. In today’s volatile lending environment it takes a company with both foresight and understanding, as well as having the knowledge, financial stability, and experience to succeed. I’m glad that my instincts were correct. Equity Prime is the future of lending.”

Scott Solomon Equity Prime, LLC of PA

“We were a branch looking for support and a future in this market. Scott Smith told us about Equity Prime, LLC and said they would be the perfect fit for our needs as a growing branch. The great service and support we have received has been spot on from the set up process through to our first loans. Equity