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James W.

January 2016

“Couldn’t have been more pleased with entire experience. Patience, diligence, knowledgeable, throughout. Don’t change what you are doing.”

Loan Officer: Stephen Carpitella
Processor: Alexandra Troiano

James & Gloria H.

January 2016

“My MetLife agent recommended you. Everyone was timely, pleasant and knowledgeable. Thank you for your efforts on my behalf.”

Loan Officer: Stephen Carpitella
Processor: Kendra Hammell

James C.

January 2016

“My loan originator and his team were extremely helpful in getting me a mortgage for my new home. They answered any questions I had and made several recommendations that really helped me out. I definitely recommend them and will use them if I have any transactions in the future. I will keep Chris DeMatteis’ phone number saved in my phone. Thanks!”

Loan Officer: Chris DeMatteis
Processor: Kendra Hammell

Denise P.

January 2016

“Eric Dematteis and Robert Howley were very responsive they went way beyond what they had to do to make this go as smoothly as possible for me, which it did. I am and will be recommending them to everyone I speak to that is looking for a mortgage. I will actually miss working with them. Thank you!”

Loan Officer: Eric DeMatteis
Processor: Robert Howley

Brian & Amy D.

January 2016

“Mike is always easy to work with! Very knowledgeable and excited to help everytime I called. Thank You!”

Loan Officer: Mike Carvajal
Processor: Kali Emery

Linda S.

January 2016

“The experience in the Manahawkin Office exceeded my customer service expectation. Mr. Carvajal and Mrs. Russo were professional, courteous and extremely proactive in this process. I am happy that we engaged them in our house purchase. I would recommend Equity to everyone. Thank you for this opportunity.”

Loan Officer: Mike Carvajal
Processor: Melissa Russo

Jessica W.

January 2016

“Mike and the rest of the team were amazing! Everyone was extremely helpful and prompt answering any questions! Would definitely recommend to anyone!!”

Loan Officer: Mike Carvajal
Processor: Kendra Hammell

Richard C.

January 2016

“There is not enough space for me to compliment enough. Mike C is just the best in the business this man is always there a phone call away. He makes this process so easy and I can’t thank him enough. Last but not least Bob H was just outstanding always responding to my emails and phone calls and knew how complicated this loan was. I can’t thank them enough and everyone in this company. I will be referring all my friends and family.”

Loan Officer: Mike Carvajal
Processor: Robert Howley

Homeowner’s Insurance: Find the Right Policy

In order to get a home loan, a borrower is typically required to have a homeowner’s insurance policy in place.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when shopping for homeowner’s insurance (and yes, you should shop around!):

Ask for the A.M. Best Rating of each company you look at.
This will tell you how long each company has been around and what they can offer in terms of protection against potential risk.

Investigate which companies offer ACV policies and which ones offer Replacement Cost policies.
ACV (Actual Cash Value) policies pay claims based on the depreciated value of the item(s) lost. Replacement cost policies pay the full cost (in today’s dollars) required to actually repair or replace the item(s) to pre-loss condition.

Obtain an appraisal every five years.
This helps ensure you have purchased the right amount of insurance.
If additions are made or you remodel, you will want to revisit and possibly upgrade your plan.

Be sure to include any detached structures such as a garage, barn or shed on the insurance policy.

Do not over-insure. Insure only the items and structures that may need to be replaced.

If you have any questions, please contact us at (609) 597-0007 or clientrelationsteam@epm.net.

Choose the Right Mortgage Company

As you consider a new mortgage transaction, it’s important to find a company that fits your needs. Every mortgage company is different. To make the mortgage process easy and enjoyable, Equity Prime Mortgage focuses on four primary areas:


We offer a full range of loan programs including fixed rate loans, adjustable rate loans, interest only options and more. We’ll help you choose the one that’s best for your financial situation.


We make sure you fully understand the advantages and disadvantages of each loan option. We help you understand exactly how the loan process works from start to finish.


We keep you updated every step of the way in the loan cycle. If we see an opportunity to save money, we will contact you immediately. If an issue arises, we will discuss the situation and the steps we are taking to resolve it.

Customer Satisfaction

We rely on our existing customers to refer their family, friends, neighbors and colleagues. Client satisfaction and well-being are our top priority. As any past customer of Equity Prime Mortgage can tell you, we won’t stop working until clients are satisfied.

Equity Prime Mortgage would be pleased to handle your next transaction. Please contact us at (609) 597-0007 or clientrelationsteam@epm.net to discuss financing options and today’s best rates.